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Azure DevOps - Sync Requirements

We have PractiTest (PT) linked to Azure DevOps. Selecting “Sync A Requirement” (on the Requirements screen within PT) appears to be more of a one-time “import” than a “sync”. Changes made to the Work Item Description in DevOps do not “sync” back to PT.

Is this correct? … or how do we get the “sync” to actually update PT?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Anthony,
The Description, Title and Status are indeed supposed to be syncronized with PractiTest ,and syncronized pretty much immediately.
This is what is supposed to happen after a correct configuration , specifically the part of creating a Service Hook in Azure DevOps.

I’d recommend to go through the following article - specifically to the part 4. Create a project Service Hook.

Best regards,
Alex from PractiTest Support Team