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Avoid API Rate Limit and Network Related Errors


The first thing to note in order to avoid API rate limit, is that the post request for creating test runs allows you to update up to 20 test instances using a single request. In addition, we recommend thoroughly reviewing your code and remove irrelevant calls that might cause rate limit errors.

We also strongly recommend implementing a retry mechanism for your requests, with exponential backoff. Meaning, to set a mechanism that will retry sending the requests if you get an error.

The recommended method is as follows: if you get an error - retry in 10 sec, second error - 20 sec, third - 40 sec. Once the call is successful, reset the retry count.

This method is recommended in order to avoid rate limit errors as well as any other networking errors.

  • It is important to reset the retry count after a successful call, otherwise, your process will be slowed down.