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API Jira Issue links with tests

Hi All, I am currently using the API with Power BI. My issue is I dont seem to be able to create a relationship between tests/requirements/etc and Issues.

Am I missing something here? Is this even possible?

I am trying to create a cross report in Power BI between Jira and Practitest



Hi Again, looking at the plugin in JIRA, I see that there is relevant information stored in JIRA. Is there a way I can get access to this info, eg. JIRA AIPI etc.

Hi is anyone going to reply to this question?

Hello Scott!

When you create a 2-way integration between Jira and PractiTest, you’re able to map most of the relevant Jira system/custom fields with the equivalent PractiTest fields.
This should allow you to use PractiTest’s Report Center for generating any relevant report with the data both from PractiTest and Jira as well.
You can read here about the fields’ mapping:

We also have a Requirement Traceability Report, which will provide you full Traceability from Requirements to Issues - including those that are integrated with Jira:

As of the Automation with Power BI, this part is less our expertise besides the knowledge that the integration between it and PractiTest is possible via our Open API
I’d highly recommend to consult with our Customer Success and/or Customer Support department - maybe a short session with their representatives will lead you to the optimal solution.

Best Regards,

Alex Gruzglin
Head of Support Team

What data source did you use in PBI? Web or JSON?

I used the Web option to access the API

Ok I got it working. I’m trying to report on a few thousand test cases. Have you had to report on more than 100 records? The 100 record limit is a pain. I can’t use the pagination option because it means for thousands of tests I have to create 1 api call for every 100 tests up to 5000. That’s 50 api calls I have to create in pbi. That’s just too tedious.

Hi Berny you need to something like this to page through

// Loop through all the pages
Source = Json.Document(GetJsonQuery),
Custom1 = List.Generate( () =>
[ResultRecord = Source],
each [ResultRecord] <> null,
each [
ResultRecord = try
Json.Document(Web.Contents(“API Reference URL”
RelativePath = “?page=” & Text.AfterDelimiter([ResultRecord][next-page],":"),
Headers = [#“Authorization”=AccessTokenHeader]
)) otherwise null

The [next-page] contains the next page number which will be used as a parameter ?Page to the next api call.

This should give you a list which you can then convert to a table.