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Add ability to link Testsets to Requirements

Similar to how we can link requirements to test cases and vice versa I would love the ability to link Test Sets to requirements and vice versa. Maybe adding a Traceability tab to Test Sets.

My use case is when I have a bug to test or a regression to run that targets a specific feature I don’t need to create a new test case since I already have existing test cases but running a test set will not log back to any requirements I have created.

This makes it hard to track my testing through requirements, which would be much more manageable than tracking my testing through my test cases.

I am also linking my test cases and requirements back to Jira and I would like it the test run status updated in Jira as well so my developers can see a record of it.

Hello Margaret,
Actually, this feature is on our roadmap, and we will update you as soon ad it’s done.

best regards,


Is there any update on this? I’m trying to link test cases to requirements from Excel but is not working