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User identification in API-V1 (deprecated)

I have a quick question related to user identification in http requests (in json). There are several options in json to be used (according to your documentation):

  • ‘author_id’ for tests (POST)
  • ‘user_id’ for tests (PUT)
  • ‘author’ for requirements (POST)
    Could you please point me at some related documentation which explains differences? Thanks.

Hi Tomas,

Please see the following page where you can find explanation (see common parameters):

Thanks, I was confused by my results when with POST and requirement (create a new requirement) only ‘author’ can be used and ‘author_id’ is not accepted.


POST request for creating requirements requires “author” as a parameter and not “author_id”, please visit our our help page for more information.

In general if you create tests, requirements, you need an author for them, that’s why user_id is not relevant there, but if you want to modify something already created, you need user_id as your parameter.

Thanks Christine, I found it in the help but wouldn’t be it easier if there is only one parameter for user identification?

I understand your point, let me check this with my colleagues as we are currently working on a new version of API.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!


I’ve consulted with my colleagues and ‘author’ will be removed as a parameter available via API, hence ‘author_id’ will be one possible parameter.

These changes will be done in the new version of API, we will update you once we will push it.

Hi all,

Please note that this post is not relevant anymore as we moved to the new version of API - API-V2. Find more information here.