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More Jira fields when creating a ticket from PractiTest

Hi all,

In order to make the connection between your Jira and PractiTest projects smoother, we added the possibility to include more fields when reporting to Jira.

From now on, you can add to more fields (not only required ones) to the modal box that appears when issuing a ticket from PractiTest to Jira.

To configure this, please contact the PractiTest support team at or use the chat at the bottom right corner of the platform.

*Valid for Jira Server/DC integration ver 3.0.0 and Jira cloud integration

Good news!
You can map your own Jira fields in the project integration settings:
Go to Project settings > Integrations > ‘Jira project mapped fields’ tab:

  1. Choose the Jira field you want to map. You can choose Text Fields, Single select lists (text, number, users) and Number fields.
  2. Tick the “Add to ‘Fail & Issue’” box if you want this field to appear when reporting an issue from PractiTest to Jira
  3. Choose if and where do you want to map this Jira field to - to a PractiTest dedicated field, or to the description of the PractiTest entity. Please note: If you choose to map it to a field - the list of PractiTest fields that will appear will contain only custom fields that match the type of the Jira field you chose (text-text, number-number etc.) and are also linked to either requirements or issues.
  4. Once you choose to map to fields, you will need to choose where to present the data in the issues field or in the requirement field. If the PractiTest field you chose is linked only to one of them, then you will have only that option to map to.